中式餐館 餐飲類

府城八寶粽是我們得冠軍的肉粽 裡面有八種料 包括 干貝 魷魚 蝦米 香菇 蛋黃 五花肉 花生 蓮子

Fucheng Eight-Treasure Zongzi are our champion product, containing the eight “treasure” ingredients of scallop, squid, dried shrimp, mushroom, egg yolk, streaky pork, peanut, and lotus seed.
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台南特色的粽子是水煮的 米粒軟而不爛 吃起來很香Q 我們建議粽子不剝葉子, 吃的時候再拆 建議復熱方式是用傳統電鍋蒸20分鐘

Tainan's special boiled zongzi are soft but not mushy, and are deliciously chewy. We suggest that you leave the leaf wrapper on until you are about to eat the zongzi. We suggest that you reheat your zongzi in a traditional rice cooker for 20 minutes.
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我們提供素食粽 竹葉花生粽 只包花生 沾醬是花生粉 和油膏 香菜, 俗稱台南菜粽

We have vegetarian zongzi, which are bamboo-leaf peanut zongzi containing only peanut, and can be enjoyed with a condiment of peanut powder, thick soy sauce and coriander. They are also commonly known as “Tainan zongzi.”
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虱目魚可以清蒸或蒸剁椒 或者乾煎

Milkfish can be steamed alone or with hot red peppers, or can be dry fried.
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Yanshuei duck-egg noodles are dry noodles.
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鹽水意麵的特色是鴨蛋做的, 和麵時不加一滴水

What makes Yanshuei noodles special is that they are made with duck eggs and without adding a drop of water.
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乾的鹽水意麵比較道地 傳統鹽水意麵只加肉燥 豆芽菜 和一片肉片

Local people usually eat Yanshuei noodles dry, and traditionally only with ground pork, bean sprouts and a slice of pork added to them.
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Shrimp rolls are one of Tainan's special snack foods.
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The milkfish we serve is boneless.
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你好這邊能為您點餐 請問要紅燒牛肉麵或是清燉牛肉麵呢?

Hi, please order your meal here. Would you like to have braised beef noodles or stewed beef noodles?
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If you don't eat beef, you can try the noodles with pork and mustard greens, noodles with minced pork and tofu or pork dumplings.
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Would you like any side dishes?
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Our specials are roast duck, soy sauce chicken and char siu, which is a kind of barbecued pork.
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Please be careful. The filling is hot.
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The fillings of our desserts are shrimp and pork.
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Hua Diao chicken is flavouredwith Chinese Hua Diao wine, coriander, celery, and onion.
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為您送上特色沙白,待會蛤蜊開了可以先吃,湯等 到蛤蜊開了之後再喝

Here is the Signature spiced clam soup. You can eat the cooked clams first (wait until shells are open), then have the soup after.
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為您送上橫琴鮮蠔,待會會有服務生為您將生蠔 煮熟再食用哦

Here is the Signature fresh oyster soup; our staff will cook the oysters for you.
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The pork bone hot pot comes with gloves and straws for the meat and the bone marrow.
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Mud Crab Rice Cake is our chef's special.
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Wild Grilled Mullet Roe and our specially selected sparkling wine are a perfect match.
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Would you like pork pot or beef pot?
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As for alcohol, we have Taiwan beer and Heineken.
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Do you need more soup stock?
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We provide a variety of popular handmade traditional cuisines.
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Fresh vegetables, eggs, shredded carrots, chopped dried radish, dried longan fruit, sesame, sesame oil, and red quinoa are used in all of our dishes. They are very special and worth trying.
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The main ingredients for the red quinoa Onigiri combo meal are red quinoa, chopped dried radish, and shredded carrots.
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Red quinoa is a type of coarse grain unique to Taiwan, and contains a special minor element. It is a healthy ingredient that we definitely recommend.
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向您推薦的午餐菜單有 : 日式咖哩飯、烏龍麵、台式魯肉販、台式刈包餐。

The lunch menu we recommend includes Japanese-style curry rice, Udon noodles, braised pork rice, and Taiwanese steamed bun pork burger.
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Our tea is brewed from roasted barley and red quinoa. They are refreshing (warm), delicious, and the best of all, all you can drink.
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Please stir Danzai noodles before eating, thank you.
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Noodles are garnished with coriander and garlic puree. Is it okay?
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We use shrimp broth soup for Danzai noodles.
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台式三杯醬, 是用一杯麻油、一杯醬油及一杯酒製作的台灣特色料理

Taiwanese three-cup sauce is a special sauce which consists of a cup of sesame oil, a cup of soy sauce and a cup of rice wine.
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薑母鴨小火鍋, 是台灣特色料理小火鍋, 是用薑、麻油及米酒燉煮鴨肉

Ginger duck hot pot is one of Taiwan's specialties. We stew the duck with ginger, sesame oil and rice wine.
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Our signature dishes are: Golden braised pork feet noodles (rice), braised beef ramen, curry chicken rice and handmade dumplings.
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We also have vegetarian dishes: the signature dry noodles.
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The seafood hot pot and the fish cuisine are our signature dishes.
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Are you allergic to any foods?
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Our soup is healthy and nutritious, without MSG.
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Would you like to try our live seafood dishes?
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Do you need more stock?
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The seafood is priced per ounce.
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Do you eat beef and sashimi?
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The bowled rice cake is made by grinding and cooking Asian rice.
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For hot pot, we have beef, pork and seafood.
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For non-vegetarian signature dishes, we have: milkfish roll, oyster noodles, seafood noodles, clay pot duck rice, milkfish maw kabayaki rice, traditional rice with lard and egg.
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For vegetarian signature dishes, we have: veggie omelet, signature five-color rice, protein gaifan (which contains 17 amino acids).
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There are also a variety of soup noodles, risottos, porridge, stewed rice and pot dishes. I'll leave you to look at the menu.
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We have three kinds of noodles: sesame paste noodles, dry noodles and soup noodles.
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We have three kinds of soups: pork ball soup, wonton soup and egg seaweed soup.
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We also have handmade dumplings and dumplings in chili oil.
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Please put the lou mei in the basket.
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Please use the tongs.
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Our signature dishes are oyster noodles, dry-fried boneless milkfish, fresh fish soup with young watermelon and golden eggs with takuan.
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The milkfish sausage is very special too.
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What flavor of steamed buns would you like?
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Do you have your favorite steamed bun?
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We use bamboo steamer baskets to steam buns.
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